Celebrate dad's day with one of our tasty surf and turf meal deals and treat him to the best of the sea and land.   Then impress dad with your cooking skills and give him Father's Day meal to remember!   Choose from on or four of our seafood favorites and pair it with a top quality steak from Norwich Packers for just $32.99

Surf (Choose One)

1 lb Fresh Cooked Atlantic Lobster

1 lb 5-8oz Canadian Snow Crab Clusters (Frozen)

One Freshly Made Oven Ready Lobster Tail (4oz)

6 x Freshly Made Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Turf (Choose One)

2 x 6oz Smoky Alabama Steak Skewers

1 x 10oz AAA Rib Eye Steak

1 x 12oz AAA Strip Loin Steak

1 x 6oz AAA Tenderloin Steak