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Cooked Canadian Cold Water Shrimp

from $14.99

Cooked Canadian Lobster Claws

$27.99 $29.99

Cooked Lobster Meat: Claw & Knuckle


Cooked Shrimp Platter 425g


Coquille St Jacques 150g


Country Style Cocktail Sauce

from $4.99

Country Style Horseradish


Cows Creamery 1 Year Aged Cheddar


Cows Creamery 2 Year Aged Cheddar


Cows Creamery 3 Year Aged Cheddar


Cows Creamery Appletree Smoked Cheddar


Cows Creamery Extra Old Cheddar


Crab Au Gratin 115g


Crawfish Seafood Boil Starter Kit


Cream Soda Crush


Creamy Seafood Salad 08 oz.


Cumin Aged Cheese


Curry Aioli


Day & Night Truffle Bombe