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Decades of Seafood Shipping Experience

With over two decades of experience in shipping seafood across Canada we know how to pack & ship all kinds of seafood (live, frozen & fresh) so that when it arrives it’s at the perfect temperature.

Our reusable styrofoam ice boxes are packed so tightly that even with a delay in priority overnight shipping you can be confident that your seafood will be kept cold for up to 72 hours. Using reusable commercial grade ice packs & vacuum sealing fresh products whenever possible ensures that the product integrity is never compromised during shipping.

With our partnership with FEDEX, Tyltgo, and Crown Courier, we're confident with their ability to deliver our products in a timely & safe manner across Canada with most places (even rural locations) offering next day door-to-door shipping Monday to Thursday. You can expect your products to arrive nice & cold during week days (weekend shipping is unavailable at this point). 

Seafood Shipping
Seafood Shipping