In our continuing effort to reduce plastic waste such as reusing styrofoam shipping boxes & selling reusable shopping bags, we will be packaging all products with the least amount of plastic possible.

This means that we're focusing on bringing in products whose packaging uses significantly less plastic packaging & we will be further targeting how our business handles our own bagging & packaging of our fresh & oven-ready items.

We will begin reserving our clam-self plastic containers only for products that absolutely require it (unless a customer asks for it directly) & reducing the amount of disposable plastic bags & gloves used in the process while still adhering to our food safety cleanliness standards.

We’re also encouraging customers to bring in their own reusable containers at ALL LOCATIONS to help further reduce plastics & selling reusable containers as well.

Sustainable Packaging

Reusable Container Guidelines

• The container must be made of a material (e.g. plastic, glass … etc.) that can be cleaned, washed/sterilized, is clear (see-through), is not chipped in anyway & is resealable.

• The container (and accompanying lid) must be visibly clean. The container must not contain any food, other residues or odors indicating that it has not been cleaned after its prior use.

* We reserve the right to refuse reusable packaging if it does not meet the above criteria.