New Years' Eve dinner is the last meal of the year.  Make is one to remember with incredible seafood. 

Fresh Raspberry Point Oysters

from $2.29

Fresh Lucky Lime Oysters

from $2.49

Premium Snow Crab Clusters (10-12 oz.)

from $24.99

Colossal Red King Crab Legs

from $89.99

Snow Crab Clusters (5 - 8 oz)

from $16.99

Snow Crab Cocktail Claws

from $24.99

Fresh Jumbo Sea Scallops

from $24.99

Whole Dungeness Crab

from $32.99

Jumbo Red King Crab Legs

from $64.99

Acadian Wild Sturgeon Caviar

from $110.00

The Show Stopper (Large Platter)


Jonah (Rock) Crab Cocktail Claws


Jumbo Split Red King Crab Legs

from $89.99