How to Cook & Clean a Lobster

How to Cook & Clean a Lobster

Matt Caudle

Learn how to cook and clean a lobster with Caudle's Catch Seafood!

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Storing Lobster:

Live lobster can be properly stored by placing in the refrigerator and covering with a damp cloth or newspaper. They will live easily for 12-24 hours in this environment. Do not put lobster in the sink, bathtub, or any form of fresh water.

Cooking Live Lobster:

Boiling is the simplest and most traditional method for cooking live lobster. Fill a large pot with enough salt water to fully submerge your lobster. (1 tbsp. salt per 1 litre of water). Bring to a heavy boil.

Grasp lobster firmly and plunge head first into the already boiling water. Cover. Once water has returned to a boil, cook 12 minutes for the first pound, and 4 minutes for each additional pound (ex: two pound lobster would cook for 16 minutes after the water returns to a boil).

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