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Fresh P.E.I. Mussels

from $7.99

Fresh Raspberry Point Oysters

from $2.29

Fresh Lucky Lime Oysters

from $2.49

Fresh 33ct Malpeque Oyster Box

from $19.99

Fresh Littleneck Clams

from $9.99

Fresh Blackberry Point Oysters

from $2.49

Fresh Pickle Point Oysters

from $2.49

Fresh Irish Point Oysters

from $1.99

Fresh Avonlea Oysters

from $1.69

Oyster Party Kit


Fresh Gooseberry Bay Oysters

from $1.99

Fresh Pasta Clams

from $9.99

Fresh Large Choice Malpeque Oysters

from $2.49

Freshly Shucked Oysters

from $24.99

Fresh Rustico Oysters

from $2.49

Taste of Nova Scotia Gift Pack


Cherrystone Clams

from $3.99

Shucked Oyster Platter (Large)


Taste of P.E.I. Gift Pack


Shucked Oyster Platter (Small)