Fish is one of the healthiest proteins that you can eat.  Enjoy the bounty of the sea and all its natural benefits.

Fresh P.E.I. Mussels

from $7.99

Fresh Raspberry Point Oysters

from $2.29

Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets, Prime-Cut, Canadian

from $14.99 $17.99

Fresh Large Sea Scallops

from $16.49

Snow Crab Clusters (5 - 8 oz)

from $16.99

Fresh Icelandic Cod Fillets

from $14.99 $17.99

Fresh Arctic Char Fillets

from $19.99

Fresh Icelandic Haddock Fillets

from $19.99

Fresh "Bluefoot" White Shrimp


Whole Atlantic Herring @ $4.99/lb

from $3.99

Whole Sardines