Caudle's Crab Selection Guide

Caudle's Crab Selection Guide

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At Caudle’s, we offer a wide variety of crab. Snow and king crab are among the most popular.

Snow Crab

Snow crab is wild-caught in both the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans. At Caudle’s, our snow crab is usually from the Gulf of St Lawrence from either Quebec or New Brunswick. Snow crab sold fully cooked in clusters with 4 legs and one arm with a claw on each. The meat is sweet, tender and is best steamed and served with melted butter.

Snow crab clusters are currently offered in 2 sizes at Caudle's;

Premium 10-12oz Clusters

Ocean Run 5-8oz Clusters

Snow crab meat is also available at times and is usually fairly expensive. Snow Crab meat is great for making crab dip or topping a steak.

King Crab

King Crab is typically caught in the North Pacific Ocean in the Bering Sea. There are two varieties of king crab sold at Caudles.

Red King Crab is considered the more premium of the two. It is typically larger sized and has a bright red colour on the top with a creamy-white underside. The meat is firm but tender and flaky with a rich flavour that is considered by most to be the best flavour of all crab. Red king crab is highly sought after and there is a premium price attached.

Gold King Crab is a close relative of the Red King Crab, they are typically smaller sized legs with a slightly softer texture than Red King Crab. They are a much cheaper alternative to red and would be the best bang for the buck when it comes to king crab legs.