Sashimi-Grade Fish

Sashimi-Grade Fish

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Our definition of "sashimi-grade" is fish that is at the peak of freshness. This means the fish is suitable for raw consumption. Because we do not freeze your fish to kill bacteria, anytime a person chooses to consume raw protein of any kind, they are taking a risk. 

There are two popular sashimi-grade items we offer; Yellow Fin Tuna and Atlantic Salmon

Yellow fin tuna is often referred to as "ahi" tuna, which is a Hawaiian term for it. This tuna can remain suitable for raw consumption for 2-3 days before becoming "#2" or "grilling grade" tuna. You'll be able to tell if it is #2 grade by the colour. Over time, tuna's colour becomes more brown and loses its deep red colour.

Atlantic salmon will remain sashimi-grade for 1-2 days before becoming unsuitable. Because of the speed it loses freshness, it is recommended that the salmon is kept well iced in refrigeration.