Prime cut Yellowfin "Ahi" tuna loin from Itsumo Tuna.  This is the most premium yellowfin available anywhere.  All skin and bloodlines removed.  100% yield.  #1 Sashimi Grade.

Product of the Philippines. Sold in 1/2 lb (227g), 1 lb (454g) and 5 lb (2.27 kg) increments.

Custom Portioning:  Tell us how you want it.  We can cut your into any size steaks you like.  Want them 1.5" thick?  or do you like consistent 8oz steaks?  Just let us know in the notes section at checkout and we will do our best to give you your ideal cut!

Next Level Seafood:  This item is one of our "Next Level" items.  A collection of the the finest seafood available in their categories due to their unique level of quality and other characteristics that you just won't find at your average seafood supplier.  Serve our next level seafood with the confidence that you are getting the best of the best!  

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