SKU: 3100

These are the absolute biggest you can get! These legs will definitely impress your guests. Fully cooked premium wild-caught red king crab with each leg weighing in about one pound! King crab is wild-caught in the Bering Sea off the coast of Alaska.  

Average Size: 400g - 600g per leg (roughly one pound each) 

Packing Options:  We are happy to pack your crab any way you like ease of storage. We can do 1 or 2 or 4 legs per pack or how you would like in our heavy-duty freezer bags for no extra charge. Just let us know in the notes section how you want them packed.   

Red King Crab -  Red King crab is one of the most premium and sought-after crab in the entire world. They are sold fully cooked, individually frozen leg and claw sections. The legs have a beautiful deep red color on the top side with a  lighter yellow bottom. The large legs yield beautiful pieces of tender, sweet meat. People love king crab because of the awesome flavor and how easy it is to get at the meat.