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Snow crab claws make an excellent appetizer or a great side for your surf n' turf.  Wild-caught in Canada. This unique item has the shell cap peeled away for easy eating and a wonderful presentation.

Sold fully cooked, individually quick frozen in half-pound or one pound increments. Just thaw and serve with cocktail sauce or warm butter.

Includes Shellfish


Suggested Additions:

Lactantia Provencal Garlic Butter


Lactantia Provencal Garlic Butter. Butter flavoured with garlic and spices. A perfect addition to any seafood meal (ideal for dipping with lobster or crab). Sold per stick, 125g.

Clarified Butter (Ghee)


Clarified butter is butter with all the solids removed. Great for searing fish or scallops at high temperatures. Also great served melted with lobster, shrimp, and crab. 100g, sold per piece.

Country Style Cocktail Sauce


Country Style Cocktail Sauce. Ideal complement for shrimp & crab dipping. Sold in a 250ml or 500ml jar.

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