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Grouper Portions 6oz


Haddock Loins

from $12.99

Haddock Portions 2-3oz


Herb & Garlic Shrimp Skewers


Icy Waters Arctic Char


Imitation Crab Meat

from $6.99

Imitation King Crab Meat

from $6.99

Jamaican Patties


Jonah (Rock) Crab Cocktail Claws


Jonah Crab Cocktail Claws

$24.99 $29.99

Jumbo Atlantic Sea Scallops (Frozen)


Jumbo Frog Legs (6-8 ct)


Jumbo Split Red King Crab Legs

from $89.99

Knocean Food Lobster Broth


Large Canadian Sea Scallops (Frozen)

from $29.99

Large Red King Crab Legs

from $39.99

Lattice Cut (Waffle) Fries


Lemon Pepper Sole

from $10.19

Lobster Combo Meat


Lobster Meat Cooked Atlantic Tub


Lobster Meat Tin

from $29.99

Buying Frozen Seafood Online

Fresh seafood is great but does have a shorter shelf life compared to other proteins like beef and chicken. For this reason, frozen seafood is a great option for many customers. Not only is frozen seafood convenient, for many items it is the only way to get the specific seafood that you desire. There are many varieties of seafood that due to their native waters it is not possible or practical to transport seafood fresh and frozen is the only option. Good examples of this are shrimp from Vietnam, Sablefish and King Crab from Alaska or Chilean Sea Bass from South America. These species are caught and frozen instantly, locking in the quality.

Cooking Frozen Seafood 

When you are ready to prepare your frozen seafood and fish portions, we recommend that you pull the frozen fish from your freezer and place it in your refrigerator overnight to thaw. Be sure to put your items on a plate as some natural juices may leak out of the meat and it is best to avoid having that leaking in your fridge.

If you are wanting to prepare seafood that is frozen within a few hours you can thaw most items quickly by placing them in a bowl under cold running water. Seafood like shrimp and crab can be placed directly under the water but items like fish portions and value-added/oven-ready items will need to be wrapped to ensure that no water directly touches the flesh.

Once you have your seafood thawed, you can simply prepare it like you would any fresh item. Most of our frozen items will come with cooking instructions right on the package and if not check out our website for great recipes and simple cooking guides.

Cooking seafood remains a challenge for many customers. Caudle’s makes it easy for you with a full lineup of the oven, pan and grill-ready seafood complete with cooking instructions to ensure seafood success for you and your family. If you are looking for something easy, give our oven-ready seafood a try. All oven-ready items come with cooking instructions and can be cooked right from frozen, saving you time.

Ordering Frozen Seafood Online

When you order frozen seafood online from Caudle’s you can expect to receive tightly wrapped fish portions, individually frozen shrimp and crab and ingredients and cooking instructions on all of our oven-ready items. If you are wanting items packed in a particular way just put it in the “Notes” section at checkout and we will pack your order to your exact specifications.

When your seafood delivery arrives, put it directly into your freezer for storage. Some items may have experienced some minor thawing in transport but this will not affect product quality. We recommend that all frozen items are consumed within 3 months of receiving them to ensure maximum quality.

How is our frozen seafood fish better than fresh fish?

Caudle’s is a premium supplier of frozen seafood. We have over 500 frozen items for you to enjoy. From individual portions of wild salmon and tuna. To oven-ready options like our delicious Potato Crusted Cod and Parmesan Crusted Tilapia. We also offer a wide variety of Frozen Lobster Tails, Frozen King Crab Legs and Crab meat to tempt you.

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