SKU: 4007
Live-in-Shell, Wild Caught, Product of Nova Scotia, 700g minimum weight, Sold per piece.

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Lobster Essentials Pack


This pack offers everything required to have a lobster dinner at home. Including the bibs and wet naps. Two kits are available; a single and a deluxe. Enjoy your special dinner! Caudle's bag not included. Single Kit Includes: 1 Die-cast lobster shell cracker 1 Caudle's stainless steel seafood fork 1 Lobster wet nap 1 Lobster bib Deluxe Kit Includes: 2 Die-cast lobster shell crackers 2 Caudle's stainless steel seafood forks 2 Lobster wet naps 2 Lobster bibs 1 kg Fine sea salt 100g Clarified butte ...

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