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Wild-caught from the Gulf of St Lawrence. Ocean-Run (B Grade) snow crab are typically smaller sized clusters with a paler orange or yellowish colour rather than the brilliant red colour of the Premium Snow Crab Clusters .  The crab may also have some darker brown or black spotting but despite the appearance the meat quality is high. 

Though the  colour and size is a little less desirable than our premium variety , these smaller sized clusters still pack a big flavour! They might take a bit more work to open and get your meat but they are a great, economical way to enjoy Canadian snow crab.  

Packing Options:  We are happy to pack your crab any way you like ease of storage We can do 1 or 2 or 4 clusters per pack or however you would like in our heavy duty freezer bags for no extra charge.  Just let us know if the notes section how you want them packed.   

Sold in 1 lb (454g) increments (2-3 clusters).  Also available in ⅓ case (10 lb) and full case (30 lb) increments. 

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