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Fresh Icelandic Cod Fillets, wild-caught, a product of Iceland. Sold in 1lb (454g) increments. 

When cooked, the flavour is mild but distinct and the texture is moderately firm with large white lakes. Cod is a versatile fish that is great pan-fried or baked. Cod also can be done on the grill but should be put on foil to prevent falling apart. The thick fillets and white flaky meat are also ideal for making fresh fish and chips!

Icelandic cod is wild-caught in the deep, cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean surrounding Iceland. The fish is hook and line caught which greatly reduces the stress on the fish and in turn, the meat has a much more firm texture. The hook and line method also dramatically reduces the amount of by-catch which is one of the leading causes of overfishing. The Icelandic cod fishery is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) recommended for it’s responsible and sustainable methods of fishing. It is most commonly sold in skinless, boneless fillets that range in size from 0.5 - 2 lbs per fillet. The flesh is a pearl white colour with darker brown accents on the side where the skin was removed.