Caudle’s Seafood Chowder Kit Includes:

  • 1 Large Can (51oz.) New England Clam Chowder
  • 400g Frozen Wild-Caught Canadian Cold Water Shrimp
  • 227g Frozen Bay Scallops
  • 227g Frozen Cod Loins
  • 1 Lt 18% Cream
  • Recipe

Suggested Additions:

Atlantic Lobster Meat Tub

Atlantic Lobster Meat Tub


Contains meat from tail, claw, & knuckle in frozen salted water. Sold in 227 g portions.

Cooked Canadian Cold Water Shrimp

Cooked Canadian Cold Water Shrimp


Wild-caught in the cold waters of northern Quebec these are some of the worlds tastiest shrimp. Shrimp are sold fully cooked, individually quick frozen, peeled and deviened. Each pound contains 90-120 shrimp. Excellent in chowders, pastas or on a bun. Sold in 400g increments.

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