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Fresh Canadian Atlantic Salmon Fillets. Skin-on, scaled, deboned fillets, aquaculture. Sold in one pound increments.  This salmon is Prime-Cut meaning there is no belly fat or thin tail sections.  What you get is 100% premium salmon with no undesirable waste.  

True North Salmon:  All of the fresh Atlantic salmon sold at caudles is supplied exclusively by True North Seafood based in Black's Harbour, New Brunswick.  Raised in it's native waters on the east coast of Canada, this is "truly fresher salmon"  Caudle's receives multiple shipments per week directly from the source meaning you will always get the freshest salmon possible.

Next Level Seafood:  This item is one of our "Next Level" items.  A collection of the the finest seafood available in their categories due to their unique level of quality and other characteristics that you just won't find at your average seafood supplier.  Serve our next level seafood with the confidence that you are getting the best of the best!  

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