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Fresh from Prince Edward Island. These huge, flavourful oysters are great served on the half-shell.

Sold per piece, by the dozen, as well as by the 50 ct case.

Choice Grade Oysters:  Choice grade oysters have a rounded top and come to a distinctive point at the bottom of the oyster called the "hinge".  They have a deep "bowl" or "cup" that contains the oyster meat and holds the delicious natural juices or "liquor". 

Choice grade oysters are more visually pleasing and easier to shuck then a "standard grade" oyster and for this reason they are more desired by restaurants and oyster connoisseurs and are therefore sold for a premium price.

Oysters are naturally loaded with Omega-3 and vitamins AB (12, and 3), C, and D. All of which your body needs on a daily basis to function and stay in tip-top condition. They're gluten-free as well. Oysters have a naturally high zinc count, which you need to maintain your body's immune system. They also have very little fat.

Suggested Additions:

Mignonette Sauce


The ultimate compliment to your fresh shucked oysters. Mignonette is dressing for oysters made from wine vinegar, shallots, salt, pepper, and a pinch of lime juice. Available in a 2oz or a 4oz container.

The "Big" Oyster Shucker


3" Blade made with High-Quality Stainless Steel. Dishwasher Safe. A must-have whenever shucking oysters.

Crystal Hot Sauce


Pure Louisiana hot sauce. Made with aged red cayenne peppers. Sold in a 177mL glass bottle. A product of U.S.A.

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