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Case contains thirty three fresh medium-sized, "Standard-Grade Malpeque" oysters.  Live in-shell, aquaculture, product of Canada.  **Brand name and box design may vary**

Standard Grade Oysters:  Standard grade oysters tend to be harvested wild around the coast of PEI.  The quality level and flavour is comparable to a "choice grade" oyster like a Raspberry Point or a Lucky Lime.  The main difference is the shape of the oyster.  Standard grade oysters tend to be oddly shaped and does not have that distinctive round shape and deep bowl or cup that contains the oyster.  They also tend to be a little more difficult to shuck. 

For these reasons,  the standard grade oysters are not generally desired by restaurants.  Oyster producers usually will pack these oysters in 33 ct boxes and offer them at a significant discount to the choice varieties.  So if you don't mind having less than perfect looking oysters and taking a little more time to shuck,  33ct boxes are an excellent way to enjoy PEI oysters at a great price!

Suggested Additions:

Mignonette Sauce


The ultimate compliment to your fresh shucked oysters. Mignonette is dressing for oysters made from wine vinegar, shallots, salt, pepper and a pinch of lime juice. Available in a 2oz or a 4oz container.

The "Big" Oyster Shucker


3" Blade made with High-Quality Stainless Steel. Dishwasher Safe. A must-have whenever shucking oysters.

Crystal Hot Sauce


Pure Louisiana hot sauce. Made with aged red cayenne peppers. Sold in a 177mL glass bottle. A product of U.S.A.

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