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Fresh premium "hard shell" lobster.  Wild caught from the clear, cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. 

Our "Atlantic Selects" are a minimum average weight of 2.15 lbs.   Sold and shipped live in 1 piece increments or a 30 lb case.

Also available cooked on request. 

Hard Shell Lobster:  Hard shell lobsters are at the peak of their growth cycle.  This means that the lobster are the most full and you will get your highest meat to shell ratio.  Hard shell lobsters are also much stronger and can easily live for 24-48 hours out of water when properly stored.   

The Best Lobster: Caudle's Catch is your lobster source!  Our huge state of the art lobster pound can hold up to 10,000 lbs of live lobster at a time!  We receive multiple shipments per week of premium hard-shell lobster directly from Nova Scotia meaning you get only the freshest and fullest lobster available anywhere!

Next Level Seafood:  This item is one of our "Next Level" items.  A collection of the the finest seafood available in their categories due to their unique level of quality and other characteristics that you just won't find at your average seafood supplier.  Serve our next level seafood with the confidence that you are getting the best of the best!  

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