Serve up fresh shucked oysters at your next get together without all the hard work!  Have your oysters pre-shucked with all the condiments needed for a restaurant level oyster experience at home.   Featuring our two finest choice grade oysters; Raspberry Points and Lucky Limes.

Choice Grade Oysters:  Choice grade oysters have a rounded top and come to a distinctive point at the bottom of the oyster called the "hinge".  They have a deep "bowl" or "cup" that contains the oyster meat and holds the delicious natural juices or "liquor". 

Choice grade oysters are more visually pleasing and easier to shuck then a "standard grade" oyster and for this reason they are more desired by restaurants and oyster connoisseurs and are therefore sold for a premium price.

*** Note: Oysters do not come on the half shell on the platter.  For safety in transport and product integrity oysters are shucked into a sealed container to be placed back in the shell prior to service.   Serving instructions included.   Oyster Platters are recommended to be picked up as close to the service time as possible *** 

Platter Includes:

24 Shucked Oysters (Raspberry Point or Lucky Lime or 12 of each) , Mignonette Sauce (4oz), Horseradish (4oz), Lemons (2), Mini Tabasco Sauce (6), Crushed Ice and a 18" Platter (for serving)