Pan Fried Yellow Perch

Pan Fried Yellow Perch

Matt Caudle


- 2 lbs Skinless Yellow Perch Fillets
- 1 Pkg of Fish Batter
- 1 Lt Vegetable Oil (For Frying)
- 1 Lemon (Wedged)
- 1 Jar Tartare Sauce or Aioli
- 1 Thermometer (for Measuring Oil Temp)


1) In a deep frying pan, heat the oil to 375F.
2) Rinse the perch in cold water and pat dry with paper towel.
3) Mix up the batter.
4) Coat fish with batter and place carefully in the hot oil. 
5) Fry fish 3-4 minutes until golden brown. 
6) Remove fish from oil and place on paper towels to cool. 
7) Serve with tartare sauce or aioli and fresh lemon wedges.